Joint Friendster Account

Miel told me about his Friendster account which his ex-girlfriend made for him. The ex-gf knew his email password and of course, the Friendster log in password. I checked his profile and to my disgust, the ex-gf’s testimonial was still there!

I told Miel about it and asked him to delete it OR I’m gonna add ALL my exes including ex-dates. My Friendster account was clean of ex-bf’s and ex-dates. I got the idea from an ex-bf who never added me on Friendster. That hurt me though.

Miel gave me the go signal to delete his account. I suggested that since we’re getting married soon, then we should have a joint Friendster account. In this way, we would be transparent in our relationship. He could always delete those guys that he doesn’t feel like being in our Friend’s list or I could always reject those girls that I don’t feel like adding in our Friend’s list.

I came from a six-year secretive relationship. It was opaque. I want a transparent relationship with Miel. A relationship that I would feel I’m really part of.

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