We’re Open

I decided to tell Miel how I feel whenever I don’t get his full attention. (see previous post) I was hesitant at first so I assessed what I was really feeling at the time jealousy hit me. I wasn’t really jealous of his previous relationships. I wasn’t really jealous whenever he talks with someone. I wasn’t really jealous of his female friends. I realized, I just wanted his full attention. I realized that I don’t want to feel out of place.

I sent him a text message. It could make or break his day.

Me: Honey, I have something to tell you but I’m not sure how you will react. This is my first time to tell a boyfriend how I feel about something.

He: Okay, tell me.

Me: Honey, it annoys me and sometimes, hurts me whenever I don’t get your full attention. I feel out of place whenever you talk with acquaintances and I’m left in the background.

He: Actually, I feel the same way, too. Now that I know that we both feel the same, I won’t do it anymore. I’m yours exclusively, honey.

Me: You’re not mad? Why are you not mad?

He: It’s better if we tell each other how we feel no matter how good or bad.

Me: I’m not used to it. The last relationship did not allow me to express.

He: I love you, honey. I’m a gentleman. I won’t be dishonest to you.

Me: Thank you, honey.

He: For what?

Me: For loving me.

He: I love you so much.

Me: I so love you, too!

Happy ending. =)

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