He Was Never Serious Anyway

PV (ex-bf) learned about my wedding engagement. I’m sure he has learned about it from his cousin who’s still very much in touch with me. I confirmed it to him through YM. He’s using a different YM ID every time he talks with me. He says that he can’t afford his girlfriend to discover that he’s still communicating with me. Why the worry? It was she who grabbed PV away from me. She offended me. It was not me who offended her, in the first place.

Ex-bf was negative about my wedding plans. He said that Miel could just be giving me false hopes and promises. I told him that our chapter has long ended when he left me. I told him that now I understand why he had to leave; he was never serious on me anyway. He was defensive. He told me that he was really serious but when he had to make a choice between me and his family, he chose the latter. He chose his family over me even if there was no need of him to do so.

I waited for one year for him to come back. I loved him very much. Much to my surprise, nobody seemed to patch things up for me and him. It was either they knew how much PV wanted to end our relationship or they thought that it was none of their business to meddle, anyway.