But He Chose To Break My Heart

I had a short yet entertaining chat with Lou yesterday. She’s getting married to her Czech fiance’ on Friday, August 8. Coincidentally, that day is my ex-bf’s birthday, too. That day is also the day that we dreamed of having Christopher, our supposed future baby.

Friends and acquaintances who knew about Miel sent me their congratulatory greetings. Is it because I finally found Mr. Right or is it because they are relieved to know that I’m finally done with ex-bf? I have a similar experience with Lou regarding our ex-bf’s. It seems to me that both of us were taken for granted by our ex. I don’t mean to sound like the victim here. It’s just the truth. That was what happened.

Parang movie ni John Lloyd at Bea, ah! In my case, Miel met me at my worst while I loved my ex-bf at my best but he chose to break my heart.