My answer is “YES!”


5:00 AM this morning, Miel went to my apartment to check me over.
I am suffering from a bad cold since last night. He went straight
to my room, lied on my bed and checked my temperature. He reached for
the Vicks Vaporub and massaged my forehead. It was he who suggested to
me to try the conventional way of treating colds. I hate the scent of
Vicks Vaporub. There’s something in it that makes me sick to the stomach!

He asked me to close my eyes and I did. He kissed me on my lips and said,
“Will you promise to understand me no matter what?”

I opened my eyes. His eyes were teary. I asked him what the problem is.
He said that he’s not sure whether he’ll be around with me tomorrow or
on the coming days.

I asked him if he intends to move out of the company. He said no.
He caressed my left hand and inserted a gold ring into my middle finger.

“Will you marry me?” he asked. His face was blushing. His eyes, still teary.

“Are you kidding? That’s my ring!” I said. I pretended not to believe him.

“No, I bought it for you,” he said.

I was still sleepy. I looked at the engagement ring. My ring has three small stones
on it. The engagament ring has only one stone, though slightly larger than my ring’s

“Yes, I will marry you. You will be the father of my children. I love you!” I said.

“I love you, too. You’ll be mine forever,” he said.

He closed his eyes, probably lingering the moment. He said that he’s sweet but not
romantic. I disagree. He is more than a romantic. What is more romantic or sweeter than
a boyfriend who checks you over when you’re sick?

I still cannot believe that we’re engaged.

God, you are so good! You gave me two frogs to lead me to my prince!

One thought on “My answer is “YES!”

  1. I read this entry in your lj the other day 🙂
    It almost brings tears to my eyes as I can sense the joy of the special moment you had. I hope everyhting is going great with your new married life!
    Your friend


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