The Bf and the Flirt

Bf and I were renting DVD. I went to the sci-fi section while he, to the action section.

One male staff approached me and offered me to try “Jumper.” I told him that I’ve watched that movie. He asked me who the main actor was. I told him it was Hayden Christensen of Star Wars. He asked me if I know of Hayden’s other movies. I told him that he should know more about movies and actors than me because he works in a DVD rental shop. He flirted with me all along while my bf was just a few steps away.

At home, while watching “P2,” Miel narrated what happened earlier. We both had a good laugh at the DVD guy because obviously, he didn’t get that Miel and I are sweethearts!

“Do I look like your elder sister?” I teased him.

“Not at all. He was just a plain flirt; he didn’t notice that I was your bf,” Miel replied.

What will I do if someone will flirt with Miel while I’m with him? Hahaha!