What Matters Most To Me Now

“I think you’re falling in love with me now,” my new boyfriend said while we were cuddling each other on the bed.

“Of course, I am,” I said.

He is correct in his observation that I am falling in love with him. Eh, sa bait ba naman nyang yun at lambing, sino ba ako na di matunaw?

When I was 10 years old, I felt that I was in love with Andrew. He never returned the feelings and he was my first heartache. It was just an infatuation. I was infatuated on him because of his good looks and great sense of humor.

At 12, Jose captured my young heart. We were in love with each other. He was my kababata, he was my puppy love. Kaso, my father didn’t like him for me because he was a troubled teenager at that time. When he thought that my ex ran away from his responsibility to me, he expressed his disappointment to what happened to me. That was seven years after our puppy love affair.

At 13, Algiers captured my heart mainly because of his high intellect. Just like Andrew, he never reciprocated my feelings.

At 16, I had a steady relationship with the man who later became the father of my child. He seemed to be the prince that I was looking for. But unlike in fairy tales, the real-life prince and princess did not live happily ever after. We ended up in separation after our five-year relationship.

Then came PV who I thought would be the last man in my life. He was ideal and he loved me very much. But a year after, things changed in our relationship. He was no longer the man that I used to know.

When compared to the men that I dated and loved before, my new bf Miel is not devastatingly handsome. We don’t belong in the same social standing. His religious faith is different from mine. But what matters most to me now is how he will love me, how he will accept me for who I am and not for what I am, how he will love my family, how he will commit with me and how he will spend his future with me.

Young women tend to be so idealistic; their idea of romance is having that tall, handsome and rich knight-in-shining armor. I’m not young anymore and I have dated men like that. Having a tall, handsome and rich partner will not guarantee that a woman will be happy in her relationship. Lalo na kung trophy girlfriend ka lang ng bf mo.

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      My daughter lived with my parents. They sort of “adopted” her.


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