I Miss You Once More

If I could only say this to my ex:

Hi Ex-Bf!

You know how much I hate going to the mall and you can count how many times we’ve been there (mainly, just to watch movies) that is why every visit is unique and special. Between the two of us, you’re the fashionista one so it was always you who initiated our malling.

I was at Glorietta 3 with my new boyfriend yesterday. It was you who I was with when I first went there. Every path that we walked and every stalls that we entered reminded me of us. New boyfriend stopped at a shoe store; I could see how much he wanted to buy the pair of moss green shoes but maybe, he didn’t have the cash. I didn’t want to sound arrogant by offering to buy it for him, I wouldn’t want to hurt his ego. If he were you, you would go inside the store and buy it using your credit card.

We ate in a posh restaurant, my treat. It was you who introduced me to fine dining and good food. I missed you very much while we were eating.

I went to the ladies’ room to retouch my make up. I thought I saw your reflection on the mirror near the door. Out of the blue, I went out and aggresively looked for you. Was it really you or was it my imagination that every men at the mall was you? My mouth went dry and I could feel that my tears would fall anytime. I missed you once more.

Somebody tapped my back and put his arms around me.

“Kanina pa kita hinahanap,” it was my new boyfriend.

Then I remember a text message from a friend that goes like this:

You find the perfect love but in a wrong time.

You find the perfect one but he’s not in love with you.

You find the perfect one but you must be loyal to someone else.

You got the perfect looks but no one takes you seriously.

You met the perfect personality but you’re bound to be just friends.

You got brains but got a frail heart.

You find the courage but it’s too late.

You’re ready for love but you don’t know where to start.

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