Jealous Bf

My new boyfriend has the habit of checking my text messages. Last night, we almost got into argument because he read a flirty text message from my officemate. He suspected that that guy is also my boyfriend.

Hon, nagseselos ako pag kung sino-sino nagte-text sa iyo,” naive boyfriend said.

I assured him that he’s the only one and I am not a two-timer. He didn’t give me the usual goodnight kiss; the long and passionate kisses that we’ve been doing for two weeks now. I woke up unusually early and tried to figure out if I am guilty of entertaining suitors inspite of my new relationship.

I didn’t expect that my naive boyfriend would be this serious in our relationship. For me, he was just one of my one-date-men. But then, he said that he has always been in love with me from the day that he first saw me. But I guess, it’s true that I’m falling in love with him. I feel guilty for unintentionally hurting his feelings by being friendly with my admirers.