More Than A Decade Late

He went back to her life after 14 years. They were childhood sweethearts. She’s now engaged to her boyfriend of four years. She’s confused. She feels that she loves them both. But he’s more than a decade late to express his love.

I am in a similar position with my officemate. I have someone in my life that I know I can’t be mine because he’s committed to his girlfriend. During the time that he was free, I was the one who was not free. When the time came that I was free, he was the one who was not free. Funny how fate played a trick on us.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, someone better comes into your life even if you’re very much committed to your partner. Fidelity comes first to me than personal satisfaction.There must be a reason why fate played a trick on us. If this world is parallel to another world somewhere, maybe there’s a chance for us to express our feelings where nobody will be hurt and feel betrayed.



2 thoughts on “More Than A Decade Late

  1. I think we all have that one person in our lives that comes and goes and it’s never the right time to connect. I have one too, the only difference is that I can clearly tell he is not good for me financially and sometimes love is just not enough. I think that is why we are never both single at the same time lol who knows..


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