There are times when everything that happens in your life is so unexpected; you
barely have time to think if you are doing the right thing.When it comes to matters
of the heart, I have learned to be wiser after two failed relationships that left me
emotionally broken. There was a time when I thought, I could be single forever and
I wouldn’t really care. But as they say, love is like a thief in the night; you’ll
never know when it will come.

Unexpectedly, I came across this man five years my junior. He was just a casual
acquiantance; we didn’t even start with hi’s and hello’s; just very casual. Until now,
I can’t remember how I met him, how he looked like before and how we treated each
other. But then, we were destined to know each other better.It was so instant; a few
weeks back,he reconnected with me; he smiled at me and I did the same.

When he invited me for dinner, I thought that he was just another one-date-man. (I earned
the reputation of not having second-dates if the first date was not impressive!)
We had a wonderful evening that lead to something deeper and more serious. He divulged
that he has always been in love with me. It was a revelation that surprised me because
he never appeared interested in me.

Then, the unexpected thing happened; I gave him a chance. I told him that after my
traumatic relationships, I am not ready for commitment and true love. He said that he’d
be willing to wait until I’m emotionally settled. Unexpectedly, I didn’t object.

He does things that endear him to me. He’s naive and sweet; very different from the
previous men in my life. He loves me like a teenager who believes in fairy-tales.
I forgot that I was once a teenager, he let me feel again the feeling of being young
and in love.

I am aware that he cannot give me the material comforts that my previous relationships
provided. But is love all about money? Isn’t it about compatibility and happiness?
Isn’t it about co-dependency? Isn’t it about rowing the boat together? Unexpectedly,
I am willing to gamble on him. I am willing to give him a chance to prove himself.
Unexpectedly, I think I am falling in love with him…..

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  1. oops and I just put my foot in my mouth in the previous post about sometimes love not being enough.. Sorry about that 🙂
    It is true that you need a bit of both to keep things balanced.


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