Friendship and Money

I was about to sleep last night at around 10PM when I received a text message from my friend. She asked me if I could lend her PhP15,000 the next day (and that is supposed to be today). My mind was still hazy from a day of hard work so I decided to reply the next day so as not to affect my judgment on the matter. While I was sleeping, my cellphone rang. It was an unfamiliar number so I did not pick the call. I was not in the mood for some late night flirting over the phone. Lol!

This morning, I verified who the late night caller was. It was my friend who used her fiance’s cellphone. The fiance’ said that his fiancee was still sleeping and he asked if I got the text messages last night.

I did a mental count of my budget for June:

1. Education expense for my Changki

2.Financial aid for my brother and cousin’s education in case my mother needs it

3.Renovation expense for my parents’ house

4.Shopping expense for myself as a reward for my month of hardwork

To be honest, the only cash available are allotted for items 1-4 since my savings are kept in a bank. And in this time of economic crisis, money kept in a bank only earns about 2% per annum! So as much as possible, I try to keep a fixed amount on my savings account. Whatever I spend or lend to those who are in need comes from the money I saved from a previous pay day.

I texted her and said that I could only lend her PhP 5,000. I hope our friends will be kind enough to lend her the remaining amount of PhP 10,000. 

I am aware that most friendships are ruined by money. In my case, I’d like to balance between being a good friend and being a good provider to my family. I think my decision is win-win.


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