Duty First Before Pleasure

Today is Thursday. I’m supposed to text two of my former college housemates about our get-together on Saturday. We haven’t seen each other for 12 long years and we believe it’s about time to reconnect with each other. Also, my youngest brother’s birthday celebration will be on Saturday; I need to be there to enjoy with my family.

10:30 AM, meeting with the bosses. Result? I need to report to work on Saturday to train some supervisors and engineers about productivity monitoring.

My ever supportive boss asked me, “Okay lang ba na pumasok ka sa Sabado?”

“Yes, sir…. if it’s needed, I will,” I said.

I though I saw my bitchy alter-ego saying these: “Liar! Liar! You don’t wanna go to work on Saturday! You don’t wanna go to work on Monday which is a holiday! Why don’t you tell them that you have an appointment with old friends on Saturday afternoon and a birthday celebration to prepare to on Saturday night? Why don’t you tell them that you will need to go to Zambales on Sunday to attend to your friend’s baby’s baptismal? Why don’t you ask them to give you a break?

I thought I was lost in space for a few minutes. I was torn between my career and my personal life. Duty first before pleasure?

I remember the time when I was just starting my career in my first job. My mother was always mad at me for going home late and for being workaholic. It was not my choice to be workaholic, the nature of my job as an engineer demands me to be one. How can my mother understand my long hours of work when nobody in the family has the same nature of job as mine? It was only about six years later when my brother vindicated my workaholicism when he started to work as an engineer, too.

Duty first before pleasure? As long as they don’t ask me to report to work on Christmas and New Year, yes, I will prioritize duty before pleasure. Babawi na lang ako sa mga mahal ko pag-uwi ko.