Kite Runner Quotes

I watched “The Kite Runner” on DVD. The novel is still much much better than the film. I wouldn’t discuss the story since you can google it anyway. I will just give my piece why I so love this novel or film.

Just when my relationship with PV was deteriorating last year, I decided that the best thing to do was to keep my cool, do something productive and avoid getting into arguments with him. My officemate showed me this book and offered to lend it to me since he knew that I was into novel-reading.

Magugustuhan mo yan. You like culture, di ba?” he said.

So, I took the book and started to read the first ten pages in my office cubicle. The first chapter of the book was enough to convince me that it was worth reading. The author vividly put into words the picture that was on his mind.

There are only three quotes in the novel that I am particular of:

“For you, a thousand times over” – said Hassan to Amir when the former offered to get the last cut kite for the latter. I could hear this phrase from my parents who love me unconditionally. They sent me to college at the time when our finances were down. I was a partial scholar but generally, it was my parents who struggled for me to continue schooling. In a country where having a diploma is a MUST to get a good job, it is expected for us to earn a college degree. At that time, I knew I had to go to school but Cupid knocked me out and for a while, I was lost and I couldn’t choose between setting my academic goals or just be Mrs. RR. I could say that half of what I achieved in life came from my parents’ belief in what I could do.

For you, a thousand times over—I hope PV can realize how much he means to me. It would be too lengthy to discuss the many sacrifices that I did for him. I just want to let him know that no matter how heavy his offenses are, I will always forgive him and give him a second chance. I will do that for him a thousand times over.

“It always hurts more to have and lose than to not have one in the first place,” — Amir. What do I have before that I no longer have now? Perhaps I could relate it to the people who came to my life and established good rapport with me. And then for some reasons, those people just left either because they realized that we do not have the same connections anymore or they just wanted to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

It hurts me when friends leave; I just so miss them. I do not regret meeting them; it’s just painful when you’re used to be with them and then they’ll be gone. It’s wise to make new friends every time we have the chance to do so. Yes, friendship is forever but his/her presence is transient.

“There’s a way to be good again,” said Rahim Khan to Amir. How bad was I yesterday compared to today? Did I hurt somebody’s feelings yesterday so that I could make up to him today? If I could have another chance to fix my issues with somebody that I hurt whether deliberately or not, I would.

I regret hurting Francis’s feelings when I broke up with him in college. It was one of my immature decisions that I am still thinking of until now. How can I make up to him? It’s funny to say sorry for something bad that I did many years back but surely, he will appreciate it when I say it sincerely.

I regret cutting off my communication lines with RR’s family when I met PV. I regret being too drastic with my decisions. For some reasons, his family does not bother to connect with me anymore. If I could have a single chance to reconnect with them, I would. I will say how sorry I am to let these things happen to us.

Is there a way to be good again?