Synchronization of Sightings

Cute? Is it still the proper word to describe nice clean A-1 guys at my age? I notice that since I’m back in the dating market, there are frequent sightings of my cute ex-schoolmates! Hahaha!

Cute #1 told me that he had a thing for me before but he was too shy to ask me out because I was always in the company of my then boyfriend. Oh, really? I never really noticed that he had a thing for me. He now works for a top company in the city and he’s married, too. Sayang!

Cute # 2 sent me a message on my Friendster account. Kaso bakit ganun, when I replied to him, he did not bother to answer back! Hahaha!

Cute # 3 sent me a message on my YM. Since it was an offline message, I replied while he was offline. I am waiting if he will bother to reply.

By the way, aside from the cute ex-schoolmates sightings, people from my past are going back to my life from the people from my former work to my college schoolmates to high schoolmates. It’s like they’re synchronized to come back to my life!