I Won’t Last A Day Without You

I feel so tired today. This project is eating me. I feel so dizzy. I need to catch up for tomorrow’s presentation. Would you believe that I’ve been sitting here for 12 hours now? I miss my bed. I need someone to comfort me at home. I need someone to give me a pat, a warm embrace or just a kiss. Anyway, it makes no difference whether I have a boyfriend or not. My ex-boyfriend never gave me a pat on my shoulder during my stressful days at work. Hard luck, no?

Good thing, I have my family and friends who are always there to comfort me. Gaya ni Joel, even if he’s super busy, he always finds time to listen to me. Maybe, he’s my soulmate; my bestfriend. Alma is always there for me, too. Kaso, I don’t want to add more burden to her already stressful married life. It’s different with Joel, he seems to be more balanced with his emotions. Ewan ko lang ha?, if he’s really balanced. But just in case, I will always be there for him, too. Sometimes, I do tell him what hurts me in a relationship so that he can understand how women react. In this way, he’ll be more in tuned with his girlfriend’s emotions. I so love his girl, too.

I won’t last a day without my friends and family. They’re part of my daily system.