Smart Locator

I registered my mother’s cell number to the Smart Locator. She did the same thing to me this morning. Wala lang, we might need to do it just in case the worst thing happens. Baka makidnap ako, eh! Lol!

I asked her to register my father’s cell number, too. I dunno if she did. Okay lang naman yun, debah? It’s useful to couples since one does not have to worry where the other person actually is. If neither of the couple is doing something wrong, being tracked is supposed to be a non-issue.

By the way, what’s so wrong about being tracked? I just don’t get it why some men lie about their whereabouts. I used to have a boyfriend who lied a lot. When asked where he is, he would say that he was at work. I would just find out the truth later that he was at the bar. Weird thing, I was not the jealous-type of girlfriend who monitors her boyfriend’s every move. Whatever his reasons were, I felt betrayed whenever he lied to me. But the more amazing thing was, I forgave his every offenses; big or small.

Truly, my love for him was bigger than his mistakes.