Genesis Bus Hostage-Taking

My mother texted me last night while I was having dinner with a couple of officemates in Pista sa Nayon. She informed me about the hostage-taking event inside a Genesis bus en-route to Balanga City, Bataan. Sayang, I wanted to watch the news on TV but I was out with friends!

This morning, I opened the TV to watch Unang Hirit. Timing naman, I was able to catch up on the report about the hostage-taking incident. The madman, a security guard, wounded two passengers. One of them did not make it and was proclaimed dead-on-arrival in the hospital. The other one is still being treated. I hope he recovers. The madman cum hostage-taker went mad after he learned of his wife’s affair. For some of us, we’ll wonder how this “simple” infidelity could lead to a person’s lost of sanity. Pero ganun talaga, not all of us are born strong. My tolerance to painful situations may not be the same with the rest. In the same way, some would not understand why I’m claustrophobic!

I am so deeply bothered by this hostage-taking event! What if I’m one of the passengers? Will my family be able to see me alive? Maybe yes, maybe no.

If and when that thing happens to me and I’m doomed to die, I will beg to the hostage-taker to please tell these words to the ff:

To my parents: I love you very much. I might have disappointed you in the past but now I think you feel that whatever I give you, it’s my way of saying thanks for all the good things that you did for me and Changki.

To my Changki: You are a smart girl! I was never like that when I was your age. Live your life with dignity and optimism. My spirit will always be with you.

To my brothers: I’d like you to remember me as a sister who became your friend.

To RR: Thank you for giving me the best gift I ever had: Changki. Take care of her when my parents are too old to do so.

To PV: Another lifetime is not enough for me to stop loving you. I wish we didn’t end this way. I wish we could bring back the times when we were so full of hope.

To Joel: I could lose a lover but not a friend. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you and your girlfriend so much!

Now, before everyone gets emotional, don’t you think the hostage-taker will pull his trigger on me? Lol! Please pray for each other’s safety always!